Top 7 Wildlife Parks and Zoos in the UK

We’ve sifted through some of the top rated Wildlife Parks with the aim of making it easier for you to decide on a location to suit you. With around 59 Wildlife Parks, Safari Parks and Zoos in England alone, it can be tricky to decide which is the best for a family day out. No-one is too old to enjoy the experience of an enjoyable day out at the zoo.

This simple directory will make life easier when considering attraction priorities and travel arrangements.


1) ZSL London Zoo

One of the capital’s favourite days out, the Zoological Society of London’s zoo has seen dramatic changes from tiger additions to the recent 2016 Penguin Beach. If you’re willing to spend £20 on an adult ticket, you will not miss out on quality.

2) Dudley Zoo

Similarly, to ZSL, Dudley Zoo has seen dramatic changes and wildlife additions. One of the most historical zoos, it is by far overlooked as a fun day out. It encompasses 1930’s characteristics with castle ruins and various activities for children.

3) Bristol Zoo

For a smaller establishment, Bristol Zoo has recently flourished with rare breeds and animal experience opportunities for the public. There are also many offers to look out for each season to save you those extra pennies.

4) Woburn Safari Park

Another overlooked day out is at Woburn Safari Park. Although you will need a car to drive around the safari, there is also a newly laid pathway/walkway (designed by around trail to get up in personal with the animals. If it’s a close encounter that you’re after, Woburn is your place.

5) Cotswold Wildlife Park

For a range of animals and reptiles, Cotswold Wildlife Park is a hit with the children. A picturesque setting within 160 acres of land, there is a lot to discover, including rare breeds of reptiles.

6) Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is ones of the largest zoos in the UK with an array of animals from big cats to rare invertebrate species. On top of this, the exquisite gardens and various group discounts are significant highlights of this zoo.

7) Monkey Haven

Located in Newport, Monkey Haven has the best Trip Advisor reviews going for an entertaining day out. Not just full of monkeys, the attraction is particularly popular with children as well as the elderly and can be enjoyed in your own time.

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